When it comes to brainstorming techniques one that is most commonly thought of and implemented first is group brainstorming. There are a lot of experts in this field that don’t feel that group brainstorming is as productive as what it was originally thought. It is going to come down to a matter of trial and error for the organisation that is utilising brainstorming to determine which technique is the most successful for them.

Identifying The Problem

The first thing that needs to be done with the group is to provide a clear understanding of the problem that the brainstorming is going to deal with. If there are any doubts or confusion about this, it can mean that the results are going to be less then desirable for the session. It is up to the leader of the session to define what the problem at hand is.

What Are The Goals?

The goals have to be defined at the beginning of the session. This way participants know what it is they are working towards. It will help them stay on track and may help to reduce their loss of focus. This means that the organiser of the session has to have a very clear understanding themselves as to the purpose of the brainstorming event.

Keeping Control

As enthusiasm grows among the group, it is going to be difficult to keep everybody in line in respect to their turn of presenting their ideas and their participation. Planning the session before its start will help to keep this organised. It should be explained what the process will be for each person to have their input.

Taking Breaks

A lot of energy will be used in the brainstorming session especially if those participating are dedicated to it. It is a good idea to take breaks and not keep the sessions too long.