One of the important factors about a brainstorming session is to be able to come up with answers to questions. These questions are going to revolve around the problem that is meant to be solved from the brainstorming.

The Basic Questions

It will be up to the session leader to start the ball rolling. They are going to want to present a series of basic questions. In order to give the group a concept of what the question technique in brainstorming is like.

Before the answers to these questions are provided there has to be another phase it to the question technique.

Group Questions

The group should be assigned the task of coming up with as many questions as they can that are pertinent to the problem. There needs to be a time limit set on this which should be no longer than 10 minutes.

Grouping Off

Once everyone individually has created a set of questions the group should be divided into subgroups. As a group they should go through all of the questions they have created and chosen 3 to 5 that are the most pertinent to the problem.

Initially, there are going to be a lot of questions. But each subgroup is going to narrow them down to 3 to 5 for the entire subgroup. if it is a large group then three would be the best the number to deal with.

Putting The Questions To Work

Now that there is a set of questions which are those that the brainstorming leader created as well as what the groups have created, there is a foundation to work with. Each of these questions should be gone through one by one. Allowing each member of the group a few minutes to give their input as to the answer to the question.