There are a lot of online tools and resources that can be used for brainstorming. One that is important to take advantage of is the variety of brainstorming tools.


During a brainstorming session, there has to be some way to collect the data that is being shared and to be able to allow others to visualise it. When a session is taking place in an on land group, there are different resources that can be used for this. One of the common ones is whiteboards.

The same concept can be used online as there are tools that provide for the use of online whiteboards. These are comprised of different templates that anyone can access in the group. It is a software-based application and has many different features to it. A good example of this type of tool is Stormboard.


Those that are taking part in a brainstorming session want to be able to interact. One of the ways they can do this is with one of the online tools. An example of such is Mural. This is a software tool that will allow participants to share their information and it acts like a pin board. It can be used in real time which is perfect for the ongoing brainstorming session.


Quite often in a brainstorming session, it means giving out assignments. Brainstorming sessions are usually made up of a variety of different meetings. Each one meant to progress to the next level. To track the assignments, a good tool to use for this would be something like Trello. It allows for the building of comprehensive to-do lists that all members of the brainstorming session can access or it can be individualised.

These are just a few of the several different types of tools that are available on the Internet for brainstorming. Some will be free while others will come with a small cost.